Who Are We?

Our Story

Touch Fund Midwest started in 2009 when a Kansas City business owner gave each of his employees $200 with instructions to give it away to those around them in need.

The results and impact on the employees was nothing but positive as they then began discussing ways to grow this concept.

Since 2011, Touch Fund Midwest has spent well over $65,000 and helped touch the lives of over 150 families

Our Vision

Our vision is extremely simple – Reach out a hand of support and show love to those in need.

We want to anonymously show the world around us love and hope, with the intent that those on the receiving end of our gifts can one day pay it forward to those around them.

How do I get involved?

  • Suggest a recipient (Click to see more information on this)

  • Donate – Click here or see the tab above. We currently accept donations via PayPal (for material donations, please use the contact page)

  • Help our cause by reaching out to those around you and spreading this message of hope and love

Please consider joining us in our cause as we try to reach out and do good to those around us.